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When things aren't looking up, we can help.

We offer discreet professional care, pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical treatment, and at-home test kits to help support your goals and address your concerns from the comfort of home.

What can we help with?

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We are building a modern healthcare company for men

If you're new to Apexman, here's how we do things.


Backed by the best

We work with dozens of leading doctors, psychotherapist and health specialist to help you get the best treatment for your concerns.


All prescribed medication is delivered discreetly and for free, usually within 24 hours.


Our team of clinicians and sexual health experts can support you along every step of your treatment journey.
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Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s get it on….Admit it, we all have Marvin Gaye on our bedroom playlist, but what’s the use if we can’t actually play it? Don’t let ED stop you. It’s time to up your game...literally.

Non Medicated Treatment

There are times when ED is caused by psychological issues. We've partnered up with world class experts to help you rewire your mind and claim back your confidence.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We get it - symptoms of low Testosterone can be tough on any man. Constant tiredness, lack of motivation, decreased libido. This can be a lot to handle, but luckily there are treatment options available to revive your manhood.

Premature Ejaculation

Sometimes nice guys finish first. But they don’t have to. Did you know that PE is a medical condition, not a fault in your character? That means it’s treatable, and we can get started right away. The balls are in your court.

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How It Works

We make it affordable and easy for you to get diagnosed and treated, all on your schedule, from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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1. Online Assessment

Answer some questions about yourself, your symptoms and your medical history. Don’t worry, our secure online medical assessment is completely confidential and will only be reviewed by one of our specialists.

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2. Connect with a specialist

Together with the results from your online assessment, these will be sent to one of our partner specialists who will then contact you to discuss your results and the recommended treatment plan. In certain instances the specialist will want to see you in person.

3. Fast & Easy Treatment

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Whether the issue is physical or psychological our treatments plans have been designed to make your life easier. From discreet medication delivery, to access to dedicated health therapist, Apexman makes getting hard easy.

General How it works

Kirwan W.

Absolutely brilliant experience, a life saver. So glad I took the step after months of dismay and worry. Apexman was just so helpful and life has changed very positively. Thank you!


Thabo B.

They seem to care. Great customer service and affordable prices.


Angus D.

I subscribed to this service having experienced ED problems for a number of years. I only needed to use the service for a month or so before I overcame my problem, but I found it a rewarding platform to use. 

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