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The future of personalised health

We are on a mission to unlock the power of health data to give you control over your personal health journey.

For a planet without chronic diseases – why we are building Athena

One in three adults will deal with a chronic condition in their life and we will spend a whopping $47tn globally by 2030 to treat them. A one-size-fits-all approach will not be enough to combat the rising rates of illness we are facing.


Unfortunately, our current healthcare system is more geared towards treating diseases that have already occurred, instead of nipping them in the bud. That’s where we want to come in. 


Personalised and data-driven healthcare is the future of medicine, and we believe the first steps towards that future are based on regular blood tests and tailored health checkups. By normalising these tests and making the results understandable and transparent, we want to help create a future where people lead longer and healthier lives.


With Athena, we want to empower you to take charge of your health and detect diseases before they impact your life. We are committed to co-create a 21st-century healthcare system – one that is proactive, transparent, inclusive, digitised, secure by design, and personalised.

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